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Why is ASO So Important For Your App?

App Store Optimization

In the mobile business, the term “App Store Optimization” (ASO) has grown in popularity. Due to their desire to appear more prominently in search results for well-known terms, phone app marketers are considering this strategy. ASO is also employed to make your app increasingly visible, which enables you to achieve more installations and, in turn, generates a potent economic expansion approach for your smartphone application.

ASO is affected by many variables, including app store search rankings, visibility, ratings and reviews. To establish a successful ASO strategy, you must pay close attention to these elements.

What does App Search Optimization mean?

The major purpose of ASO is to help your mobile app shine in the search results in order to rank higher. Higher rankings in the result pages boost your app’s chances to be found by prospective Users, which ultimately generates more users , similar to Google’s app store (Google Play) and Apple’s app store. Users of your app can install it thanks to ASO, which increases interaction.

ASO additionally comprises a good comprehension of the target audience, such as by presenting a list of the search terms that prospective consumers are likely to use to find relevant apps.

Why is ASO a crucial marketing tactic for your application?

“Forrester” predicts that 63% of applications are accessed via app store searches, making this the most popular way for Users to discover and install new apps.

  • Improved Rankings with Increased App Store Exposure: Since it raises your app’s position in the App Store, ASO marketing is vital. Because more individuals will see your application, there will be a greater increase in downloads. Optimizing your application increases the probability that users searching for apps like yours will discover it. You also raise the chance that individuals may encounter your application for the first time.
  • More Downloads Occur Due To Increased Visibility: What do you perform when you want to find a new app? You most certainly search an app store for an application that satisfies your requirements. Because of the increased visibility, you are more likely to find a related application on the App Store. The more visible your application is, the better its position in the App Store. This also implies that more individuals will view and install it. How will you then improve your app’s position? Choosing the appropriate keywords can help you improve your application search for the App Store. On the app store, your app will be more likely to be discovered and downloaded if you approach it in this manner.
  • An increase in downloads via app store searches: The conversion rate refers to the percentage of individuals that install your application from those who view it when they encounter it via a search in an app store. Thus, you must boost your rankings if you want to see an increase in traffic. ASO is one strategy for achieving this. Making a wonderful app is, of course, one of the most astonishing aspects of this. If your app doesn’t have a higher rating or a lot of excellent reviews, you can’t expect users to come across it and install it.
  • Greater Engagement and Return Rates Are Associated with Downloads: Increased installations will boost the recognition of your application. Furthermore, a better-known application indicates higher success rates. Utilizing ASO is one technique to boost purchases. As we’ve previously indicated, the more and more individuals download your application, the greater it will display in search engine results. But, having more figures does not necessarily indicate that your app’s loyalty or interaction rates are higher. You must create an excellent application that users will enjoy using if you intend to raise retention and participation rates. Users will use your app more consistently and are more inclined to continue utilizing it long-term when you achieve strong loyalty and engagement percentages. This signifies that you have accomplished something great because you will have more committed Users. Certainly, creating a great application is the right strategy to raise participation and retention rates, but improving your rankings is a good second choice.

How you can get maximum for your App marketing with the help of ASO:

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  • Avoid altering your app’s title if it starts to perform better and receive more ratings; it should attract the most search traffic. According to the study, it is recommended for the app title to include the keywords that your consumers are employing to search because it will improve your app’s ranking by approximately 10.3%.
  • The hype, popularity, and recognized worth of your application are all expected to increase as the number of downloads increases. Rising visibility within the app store’s organic ranking will be supported by higher downloading numbers. The more effectively you execute ASO strategies , the more users you can influence to interact with your application.


Consider employing app store optimization if you’d like to raise your app’s exposure and performance in the Google Play or App Store. ASO enables an app to get more organic downloads, and more organic downloads mean more consistency for your app. Paid marketing undoubtedly attracts new users and installs, but it is not a good long term strategy. On the other side, a well optimized app for app stores maintains ranking higher on search results without any falls off. As a result, you see consistent engagement for your application and rising revenue.