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Privacy Policy-Free User


Company (AppSmartz)


You (Other side company) included your subsidiaries, branches

The Company ‘AppSmartz’ is providing consultation services for grooming of mobile apps in various app stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store and other OEMs. This policy contract between you and my client for professional services is detailed as under: -

1. Registration and Consent

1.1 By clicking on the ‘free audit → Agree’, displayed on the home page of said website, you will become the Free User of the company for free audit of your mobile app etc. So, before clicking the word ‘Agree’ in ‘free audit’ form, you are suggested to read the Free User Policy (FUP) given below the word ‘Agree’. On clicking the word ‘Agree’, it shall be presumed that you have read and understood FUP and you agree with the same.

1.2. For registration as Free User, you will have to provide certain personal information i.e. Name, mobile number, App URLand valid email ID.

1.3. On registration with the company, you have given consent to the company:-

1.3.1. to use your personal information to search your other social media accounts,

1.3.2. to provide the features, services of the company and to provide free advertisements related to any or all the products of the company or other brands, products of other companies

1.3.3. to the company to send SMS messages, emails, whatsapp messages, chat, audio or video clips or advertisements about the services of the company till the next 3 months after expiry of this policy agreement.

1.3.4. to visit your website/(app stores) and to see your products and services offered by you or your subsidiaries, branches to suggest betterment of said services or products.

1.4. Agreeing with the company on FUP doesn’t bind you permanently with the company. You can withdraw your consent in whole or in part anytime by sending a simple request via email to the company.

1.5. You by specified request may suspend, extend or immediately stop the application of this policy agreement. On immediate termination of this policy agreement, you will not be able to enjoy the free features of the company till you login again.

1.6.In case of your request to extend the validity of this policy agreement, it shall not be extended for 30 days more and in that case, the period of 3 months will start from the first day after expiry of the extended period.

2. Services

2.1. On your registration as Free User, the company will provide some features, services free of cost for the period of 30 days via your social media accounts, SMSs, email etc.

2.2. That buying the premium services is your sole discretion. If you want to hire the consultation services of the company, you may buy the packages as per the premium plans fully described in the Subscription policy of the company.

2.3. That near the expiry period of this FUP, you will be reminded by the company about the expiry of the free plan and the company will share its premium packages, for which no separate consent is required from your side.


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