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Are you wondering which keywords to use in your app store listing, why you are not getting enough impressions, why your competitors are showing up higher in the search results, and what actions actually impact your app downloads?

With over 6 million apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store getting your app discovered is a tough task, isn’t it? Around 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches, and in just 3 sec, 70% of visitors drop from your store page. In such a rapid increase in app creation, how can a mobile app publisher/marketer get his mobile app discovered in the midst of that massive number of apps listed every single day? Mobile app discovery is one of the toughest challenges faced by app developers today and that’s where App Store Optimization or ASO comes in as a solution. App store optimization or ASO maximizes visibility in all available placements in the play store and app store, improving the appeal for the users and helping with converting impressions into downloads.

Getting downloads and growing the user base for your app are among the most important KPIs for app publishers. You can achieve your business goals faster if your ASO strategy is in the right direction. This is where we at appAhead come in to help mobile app publishers to achieve their business goals.

For the past 5 years, we have worked with apps from different categories having different geographica presence. We work closely with mobile app publishers to understand the most important aspects of app store optimization. We work with them to understand their mobile marketing game. Helping our partners rank their mobile apps higher in app store search organically, get more traffic, and hence more downloads is our main goal. We help them understand the vital metrics that will enable them to make the decisions in the right direction to outsmart their competitors.

appAhead is your one-stop solution to understand, plan, execute and analyze your mobile app’s success in the app market. We analyze your app store page to identify ASO errors and mistakes, keyword opportunities, and competition. Our service ensures your app gets discovered and gets better visibility in the app store search organically. Better discoverability means growth in traffic on their app’s store page which means more chances of the app being downloaded.

The app developers spend a lot of effort in creating their apps but fail to get their apps discovered by their target audience since they don’t spend enough time to create the right store listing that has the right set of keywords to bring their targetted set of users to their product page. Some of those publishers who manage to find the right keywords for their app fail to get the potential traffic converted to their users and hence have a poor conversion rate for their app.

We at appAhead are a team of pioneer marketing professionals who have thorough experience in mobile app marketing. We understand the key elements, best practices, and working of various app stores including Google Play Store, Apple app store, and other OEMs. We create a step-by-step marketing plan for your app. From helping our partners to understand their target audience and finding the right competitors to help them increase impressions and conversion rates for your app we’ll work with you to achieve your business goals. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of the performance based on the set key parameters and give our insights about your competitors in the app market

Here are the areas we help our partners to excel in their game:

  1. Keyword Tracking
  2. Description Optimisation
  3. Creative Optimisation
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. A/B Tests
  6. Localization
  7. User Experience Run
  8. User Journey Videos

Every element of the app store plays some part in excelling your mobile app game. Understanding each element, their roles, and the best practices is very important if you are looking to win in the app market. This is where we’ll help to achieve your goals. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, get in touch with us at appAhead.com@gmail.com